Welcome to my Adventures in Nature Photography

About Me


My Background

I grew up in Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan.  Spending a lot of time outside fishing and exploring the woods nearby.  I worked summers on nearby farms and working my paper route, winters I skied and ice skated on the local ponds.  This early life in nature influenced my entire life.  As a California State Park Ranger, I worked 12 parks in Southern California and was mounted for 15 years.  I rode in more than 50 parades in Orange, and San Diego County including the Tournament of Roses Parade in 1997.  Photography has been a hobby my entire life.   though few of my early photographs survive, I remember my first cameras and how encouraging my family was. Today, I enjoy underwater Photography and candid photos of dogs playing.  I also enjoy experimenting with Infrared photography, especially in Nature.


My Hobbies

As a retired State Park Ranger I have lots of time to pursue my favorite activities.  I practice Aikido a few hours a week, woodwork projects , and take the dog to dog park every day.


My Favorite Things

Scuba Diving in far flung parts of the world and dog park.  I also enjoy the smell of horses.  I suppose once you learn to ride well, the feel and sense of horses is never far from your thoughts.